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"Akrotiri" (the Cape) is the common name of the peninsula that lies to the north-east of the city of Chania and which is the center of the county of Kydonia of the prefecture of Chania.

Mostly flat with some higher areas in the east, rocky coves can be found in the gorges that end to the sea. Numerous caves exist with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. Findings of archaeological and historical interest prove that the caves were used as a place of worship as well as a refuge from the invasions of pirates.

Sandy beaches hide in small bays amid the rocky and steep coast line around Akrotiri. A Venetian fortress and a light house in the Bay of Chania are a must-see. Minoan and Hellenistic period remnants have been found in the area around Akrotiri. At the south-eastern side near the village of Sternes, findings prove the existence of a town called MINOA.

Seaside restaurant in the Bay of Chania      Pedestrian walkway and carriage rides on the Bay of Chania      Beautiful palm in gardens at Swans-Nest

Archaeological ruin at Knossos will make a great day trip     View of Souda Bay from hillside village of Pithari      British War Memorial in town of Souda

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