Classes available on request during summer months only.

  Includes shopping at local outdoor vegetable and fruit markets; use of locally grown foods; demonstration on using PHYLLO dough for desserts, appetizers and main entrees. Wine tasting of local bottled wines and barrel wines from local growers.

  Cost: 200 euros per person for a 3 day class

Swans-Nest Cooking School

Savor the wonderful tastes of Greece with our very own cooking school! Learn the artistry of Greek cuisine in your own private lessons from our authentic Greek chef.

Session 1 - focuses on appetizers and phyllo dough handling, along with wine tasting.
Session 2 - focuses on main entrees including fish, lamb, goat and vegetable side dishes.
Session 3 - focuses on desserts.
Some classes may overlap. Meals will be prepared for the group dining on all three days.

     Fresh Seafood      Chania

     Cooking School on the Terrace      Olives

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